“A hurricane of thoughts in my mind…”

Yup, there’s a storm up there! But, hey! Guess who was learning to control her thoughts and not let her brain take over her actions and mood? That’s right, moi! Meditation was of a great help two months ago. Now that I’ve stopped, however, my self-control decreased and the stressful me is back again… Naturally!

Anyway, until I get back to meditation, I’ll just write my thoughts down. It usually calms that over-thinking and restless brain of mine.

Here goes nothing…

I wish I visited my uncle more often when he was hospitalized. Now, I’ll never forgive myself. I might have given him a bit of hope to live. He was just giving up. Damn work… Actually no, I could have visited him if I tried hard enough! I think I was fed up with hospitals… Now I regret it, it’s the only thing I regret actually. – I want to be on the 28th and quit this job already. – So much to do! I’ve got to start learning how to paint, find a new job, go places, go back to meditation, so many books on my “to-read” list… – “It’s as simple as something that nobody knows that her eyes are as big as her bubbly toes!” Sorry, I was singing, this song makes me happy! It’s “Bubble Toes” by Jack Johnson, listen to it! – London… One day… – You too, Europe! – You know what also makes me very happy? The oddity in the fact that my friend and I didn’t talk much back in the days and now, well now we talk almost everyday. It’s just so strange, but I like it! He’s one inspiration of an artist! – You meet so many people in your life, I hope that you find inspiration in them like I do… –

All is out on this piece of paper, I’m good now and look like a grinning bobcat.

End of thinking capacity…


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