I’m freakin’ 33!

Reply to “New Wrinkles” by The Daily Post:

I woke up today to find myself ten years older than I was yesterday night! What the…
I’m thirty-three years old now. This makes me think of the movie “13 Going on 30”, only a few hours ago I was 23. I come out of my room and everything is just not the same anymore… Of course, I’m in shock, but let’s skip the boring details shall we.
There are two identical kids running around this unfamiliar house and a handsome man playing with them. Could they be…? Well, yes they are! One of the kids runs towards me saying: “mommy’s awake!” That’s kind of cute. I never thought I’d ever like having kids or a husband for that matter. I’m more of a workaholic kind of person. In fact, after seeing my working office at home, I guess I still am.
Anyway, as a “mommy”, I drive the kids to school (both first graders) and make sure that my “husband” or I pick them up in the afternoon.
So, according to my agenda and all the papers on that desk, I’m a freelance writer and the Co-Founder of a magasine. I check my laptop for any CV’s and when I find it, I open it up. Amazing… Apparently throughout those past ten “years” -ten hours for what I’ve felt- I’ve accomplished quite a lot.
On the other side, I still have the same best friends. How amazing is that? They all are now either a Chief Editor in a huge company, the Chef of their own restaurant, a famous architect, a Criminologist, a movie director or they own a company. Seems all of their dreams came true. We still gather two or three times a week.
My parents are still alive. Thank God! My sister became a graphic designer. My brother is a CEO in a company. His son is twelve now and oh so handsome!
I’ve had a lot of plans to accomplish, but that burden has now gone off my shoulders. However, wouldn’t it have been nice to go through all those experiences instead of waking up the next day and finding that they’re all done?
How much do we wish for that? How many times have you actually wished to wake up and have everything ready before you? Where’s the fun in that though? Where’s the adventure in that? The experience? The lesson?
Sometimes the destination doesn’t matter as much as the path. Think about it, once you get where you want to get, what would you do next? You might have other plans, new ones, but what would get you to achieving them? If there’s no path, there’s no destination.
I’m not sure if I really like this “waking up and finding yourself ten years older” thing. Well, it might be fun for a day just to see what it’d be like, but not permanently.
Ten years! A lot can happen in one second, how about ten years?


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