“When Every Demon Wants His Pound Of Flesh”…

   I’m standing alone in the dark, there’s a tiny ray of light. I can feel and see shadows dancing around me. That’s just creepy… I can feel them approaching. They’re getting closer. Their eyes begin to shine to shine in the dark, I can see them craving for me, wanting to eat every bit of flesh and drag me down to the abyss. They grab me an start biting while I scream my hear out.

   “But it’s hard to dance with the devil on your back, so shake him out!”
I start shaking like a lunatic. No one and no’thing’ will stop me from doing my ridiculous signature latino move, That’s my dance and I won’t let some stupid demon take it away from me.
I dance as fast and as hard as I can. No matter how crazy I looked, at least I scared them demons away.

   I hope you get my message through that brief simple scene…

Good night,


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