Jehovah is God.

I was asked to write a paragraph about my name, its meaning and origin. So here it goes…

Joëlle is the name my mother gave me. Her admiration for Billy Joel had her call her first daughter after him. The meaning my name holds is: “Jehovah is God”. “Jo” is “Jehovah” and “El” is “God”. Even though I have no interest whatsoever in French culture, I love my name. It’s a French one obviously. When one sees my name, they rather pronounce it wrong. They pronounce it as if it were “Jolie” or “Jowl”. The correct way of saying my name is “Jo-L”. Not only does it have a meaning, but it also has a personality. Indeed, “Joëlle” is friendly, funny and loves living life to the fullest. “Joëlle” is a devoted person. She would do anything for her family. However, she cannot live without one thing: the diaeresis on first “e”.

There it is, small but meaningful. I guess.